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Millwood, Inc. is a nationwide, industry leader and innovator of unit load transport packaging systems, materials and services and a leading supplier of new, used and reconditioned pallets. Our leading product brand, Liberty Technologies, includes packaging consumables and material handling systems. Bringing together industry knowledge and creative engineering experience, we provide customers with packaging consumables and material handling systems that are customized to meet their needs.

Our 28 locations are proud to employ 1,500 team members who provide 200 years of experience. All of our business practices are centered on the four guiding principles of trust, servitude, discipleship, and integrity. Our values make us a manufacturer you can rely on.

We also utilize sustainable business practices to show commitment to a healthy environment. Although sustainability is a growing trend, Millwood, Inc. has been applying sustainability to its business model for four decades. We do this by recycling wood waste into biofuels, composite materials, animal bedding, and landscape products.

Questions? Contact a Millwood representative about pallets or packaging materials by calling 877-891-9663 or email us!


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